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About Buro Ruig

Buro Ruig, owned by Ivar Kraaijevanger, who has a Masters in Industrial Design, was founded in 2016. It is a design agency where we mainly do business to business projects, but we also cater to more personalised products to suit customers on a more individual basis. We offer 3D printing, 3D scanning as well as a broad range of 3D services. Located in the beautiful city of Utrecht, we serve customers throughout the Netherlands with the capabilities of serving around the globe.

We produce our products locally as well as sourcing our materials from local companies such as ColorFabb who offers 100% bio-degradable materials which benefits the environment.


Buro Ruig only needs a general idea from the customer, from multiple consultation and attention to detail, we can create a masterpiece from your idea. Buro Ruig can and will provide a solution to your questions. Buro Ruig has worked with clients such as Fatboy, and KLM/AIR FRANCE. We have great capabilities to work on large projects with any business, we started with 4 printers and now have over 14 all ready for your idea and future production.

IVAR klein.jpg
Ivar Kraaijevanger

Creative Director

Tel:     +31 6 33 29 02 92


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